In order to protect private partners data, Groupe Pourprix commits to offer the best level of personal data protection, in conformity with practical French law and European regulation, especially General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), practical since 25 May 2018. This document explains Groupe Pourprix dispositions to protect collected personal data.


When you consult and use website, your personal data is collected by:

Groupe Pourprix
170 rue Clément Ader,
Zone Industrielle Nord
69400 Arnas

Tél +33 (0)4 74 02 72 40
Email :


Personal data refers to information about identified or identifiable natural person, directly or indirectly, thanks reference or elements which are own. Personal information which could be collected by Groupe Pourprix include followed information (this list is not limiting):

·        Contact information (for instance first name, last name, address, email, phone number, profession, post code, city, country)

·        Demographic information (for instance department, gender, city, country)

·        Services account information (requests history, transactions history)

Mandatory and optional fields are marked in forms thanks asterisk. If you do not want to give us essential information, you could not access some services and functionalities of our website.


We collect and use personal data, informing you before and with your agreement, in order to offer services and information more efficiently. Therefore, we could collect personal information when:

  • You use Groupe Pourprix products and services, or within the scope of their exploitation,
  • You give Groupe Pourprix permission to use this personal data (“opt-in”) within the scope of marketing and commercial activities
  • You answer to our requests (SMS, mail, survey, etc…)
  • You interact with Groupe Pourprix websites, for instance with request form, survey form, online services
  • You participate on Groupe Pourprix social media communities, like LinkedIn or YouTube
  • You participate to Groupe Pourprix events or promotions (competition, fairs, etc…)

Information and data about you are required to manage your order and our commercial relationship. This information could also be kept for proof, in accordance with legal and required obligations (payment, warranty, after-sale service, dispute).

To optimize our services, we could need to use your personal data for direct marketing. We respect confidentiality and information protection, and we will use your personal data only in this purpose. This use of your personal data for direct marketing will be the subject of preliminary information, and, if necessary, preliminary authorization request.

  • Purposes for treatment of your personal data are:
  • Customer account management
  • Proposed services, treat your purchases, deliver your orders
  • Commercial market researches
  • Realize analysis and commercial and marketing statistics, develop management, measurement and reporting tools
  • Suggest, within the marketing scope, additional or promotional offers, based on previous behaviors or other useful information
  • Send catalogues, brochures, commercial documents
  • Invite contacts for commercial of promotional events

Groupe Pourprix commits to do not use your personal data for other goals, not planned. 

Furthermore, if, at any moment, you want us to stop using your personal data for purposes detailed above, you can contact use with conditions explained in this document.


With respect of initially collected personal data purposes, and/or personal data you expressly consent, information about you could be transmitted to companies which work with Groupe Pourprix in the scope of execution of services and orders, for instance management, execution, treatment and payment.


Collected personal data could be (occasionally) transfer to selected third parties, who could be outside of European Economic Area (“EEA”), in the scope of services offered on our websites. For example, this situation could occur if our servers are located in a country outside EEA or if one of our services providers are located in a country outside EEA. Such a transfer could not be done by Groupe Pourprix without a perfect respect of legal and required dispositions, especially in accordance with Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978 modified and applicable European regulation.

These third parties will not use your personal information for other purposes that those we have allowed them to use and which we have indicated you. Groupe Pourprix ask these third parties to implement enough protect levels to preserve confidentiality and protection of your personal information.

We respect your personal information and, consequently, we take actions to make sure that your respect for private life right is still protect when we transfer your information outside EEA. Furthermore, if you use our services when you are outside EEA, your information could be transferred outside EEA in order to offer you those services.

With reservation of this privacy policy measures, we will never divulge any personal and identifiable information without your authorization, unless we be entitled or bound to it (for instance, if we are bound to it by a judicial procedure or in the scope of requisition or legal interception).

We want to assure you that we will not use your information for no one of those purposes if you indicate that you do not want us to use it like this when you submit, or later.


However, every Groupe Pourprix website user declares accept features and limits of Internet, whose he admits have a perfect knowledge of the nature, and especially its non-secured character. Each user must take appropriate actions to protect his own data and / or software against intrusion risk or virus contamination, and to proceed to needed back-up. Also, each Groupe Pourprix website user admits being informed that integrity, authentication and confidentiality of information, files and data of each character, he wants to share on Internet network could not be guaranteed on this network, which is Groupe Pourprix out of control.


Groupe Pourprix has defined personal data storage duration for each treatment in a treatments register. Storage duration does not exceed duration needed for purposes of data treatment.

Storage duration for your data is specified with data category and purposes for each treatment realized by Groupe Pourprix, but will never exceed maximal storage duration defined by applicable laws and regulation on this subject.


Use of your personal data, in link with social media and Groupe Pourprix websites, could likely generate collect and exchange of some data between social media platforms and Groupe Pourprix.

We invite you to consult privacy policy for personal data on social media platforms to know precisely which information are collected by social media platforms and could be transferred to Groupe Pourprix, in link with its websites and data use purposes, especially for publicity purposes. You can configure directly on social media platforms access and confidentiality to your data.

Groupe Pourprix collects some personal data and information in link with your social media activity on Groupe Pourprix pages or on Groupe Pourprix websites which use social media services.

This data is used for publicity purposes to improve our commercial relation and publicity your received.

However, Groupe Pourprix is not responsible of the use of your data by social media platforms for their own account.


Some website parts implant a cookie on your computer. Cookie does not permit to identify you. In a general way, it saves information about your computer navigation on our website (consulted pages, date and hour of consultation, etc…) that we can read when you visit again. Thus, you do not need to fill in forms again. Storage duration of these information in your computer is about one year. You can configure your browser to opposed cookies back-up.


Groupe Pourprix implements measures to protect at best your personal data against accidental or illicit destruction, accidental loss, deterioration, not allowed diffusion or access to your data. These security measures are also increased when Groupe Pourprix treats sensitive data.

Your data securing is a priority; therefore, Groupe Pourprix commits to respect security standards, in compliance with regulation. Groupe Pourprix has a strict management of access to your data. In this way, only staff, who need to use your data for their functions, is allowed to consult personal data you entrusted to us.

Should Groupe Pourprix calls on subcontractor to treats personal data for its own benefit, Groupe Pourprix makes sure that this subcontractor has enough warranty about implementation of appropriate technical and organizational security measures, in such a way as to treatment meets RGPD requirements and guarantee your rights protection.


In compliance with applicable Data Protection Act, and European regulation about personal data protection, you have following rights: access right, rectification right, right to erasure, portability right, right to object with legitimate ground, treatment limitation right, right to pull out of your consent if required, right to define directive about your personal data fate in case of death. These requests apply by email to or by mail addressed to Groupe Pourprix, with ID card copy, to:

Groupe Pourprix
472 rue Paul Claudel
69400 Villefranche-sur-Saône

Groupe Pourprix commits to answer request in one month period after receipt. If your right could not be applied, Groupe Pourprix will inform you about reasons in one month period.

Besides, all addressed messages let you the possibility (especially with click on hyperlink) to opposed to later data treatment for commercial purposes.

Finally, it is reminded that you got right to introduce complaint to control authority, especially to CNIL (


Groupe Pourprix could regularly modify this privacy policy. If we make important modification to this privacy policy and to the way we use your personal data, we will publish these modifications on this page and do our best to inform you about important modification. Groupe Pourprix invite you to consult regularly this privacy policy.